The curriculum at Stewart Headlam is based on year group topics per half term. 

As part of the curriculum, we have specialist teachers for Art and Music, who provide excellent art and music learning opportunities. We enrich our curriculum with theatre companies who come to provide drama and music workshops covering many of our topics.

Chidlren also have opportunities for off-site learning through visits to places of interest and learning, which are linked to topics. Year 6 also have the opportunity to stay in Kent for a week-long residential trip, where they learn through field experiments and outdoor learning.

Once a year there is a whole school topic which brings learning together in a end of topic event.

Curriculum by Year Group

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Year 6 Curriculum Overview

PE Overview

PE Overview 2016-17

Curriculum by Subject

Topic Overview - Year 1 - 6 (including Foundation Stage)





"Pupils demonstrate a love for this subject, and show enthusiasm when applying their mathematical skills"

- Ofsted, 2017