Stewart Headlam year 6 residential mannequin challenge. Total legends


samira - Long time no see (everyone)

Akram - I miss my friends and tas so much

sabira - I miss everyone so much. Wish we all could go back to primary and hang out, its 2018 and when ever I see the pictures and watch this video I start crying. Miss you guys so much,lav ya all

vicky - Best day of my life

Sab-zero - I'm in Secondry and I miss everyone so much. I will always treasure these memories. Love you all (except the boys) lol

Tawhid yr7 - Hello anyone I'm in secondary (I know u guys are as well lol!) but how are you all

arfa - I like the music

Adam yr 6 owls - I miss residential. It was epic!

Inaaya - Sick right, best memories I will always treasure forever😂

Sami - Best Days Ever Memories XD :D The Mannequin Challenge was the best

Ayyub - When did we post all these comments, i forgot

Shahidah - That was the best part of residential(so awesome).

Akram - This was great with my friends and also tas

ameera seahorses y3 - I want to be in that challenge.

Naheeya - Residential was so much fun and the mannequin challenge was so much fun. I loved it there and I want to go back 😭😭

Sabira - Best day of my life, couldn't stop laughing at everyone 😂😂😂😂

mahbuba - That was the best

Abdullah yr6 eagles - Best day, especially with friends.

Arfa - The mannequin challenge was so funny and great I wanna go residential again!!!😊😊😊😊

Alisha - Residential has been the best trip so far an I loved the mannequin challenge

Muhammad Ismail Sheikh - To me the mannequin challenge was very challenging but these days were the best days i also had fun on the walks and the hill climbing

Akram - I had fun with everyone

Tawhid - So awesome and best week ever

Year 6 Owls - looks like you have caused time to pause ( except the music XD )

ayyub - Residential was fun especially the manequin challenge! It was Awesome!

Abde Samad - Best. Day. Ever

Zain - The mannequin challenge was amazing! :)

arfa - That was the best days ever we had so much fun enjoying the mannequin challenge.

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