Nadia - I wish I was able to go residential knowing that everyone had fun and I miss all my class mates and people we hung out with now I am in swanlea year 7 stewart headlam I love the school

Samiha - I’m looking back at this about a year later. Gorsefeild was the best and I’m definitely missing my people so have fun, future people😌🥺

Arthi yr 7 swanlea - Gorsefield was AMAZING! Wish we stayed there for longer☹. I'm in yr 7 rn but i love the memories where Gavin preyended to go away and monty ( the dog ) got sad😂😂😭 wish i went there again! I thank every1 there even the cooks. I hope other yr 6 can go as well! Thanks💖💖

Khadija y6 - Well! I loved Gorsefield. It was amazing and very educational, I went a few days ago and I enjoyed my a lot there. Trust me I really miss it.

Adam yr 6 eagles - Gorsefield was the best ever, and we did so much activities in just three days. The only part I didn’t like was going home! I think everyone in the next yr6 should totally go, because you will have so much fun! Special thanks to all of the staff there, including the cooks (their food was delicious), and Richard, Shazna and Moin, who all worked so hard so we could go.

Marko - I'm in Swanlea right now but boy I miss my old friends so yeah I really hope I get to see people who were in yr6 in 2018 autumn to 2019 summer again

yusuf - hi

Tanima y6 - I am so excited to go Gorsefield even though it’s only for 3 days but also we will use a bow and arrow it’s so exciting (can’t wait)

Aiya yr 6 eagles - It would be really exciting if we would get to go on a residential. From the feedback I think it would
be really nice(if we get to go)

Anonymous - The Best Adventure Ever-Gorsefield is the BEST

Mellina Yr6 Owls - Gorsefeild was SOOOOOO fun (i'm coping samiha (; ) and it was actually really short, it went by sooo quickly and at the end I didn't want to get on the coach as I wanted to stay longer. I really loved cycling but I sadly banged my head on a tree (it hurt). And the food was actually really good, especially the pizza! I also remember the night walk and the stars were really pretty. For next years yr 6 I think it will be a great experience if you get to go. I really had a great time there and I wont forget it. And I miss Gavin, Paul and Monti!

Anthora year 6 Eagles - I loved the trip to Gorsefield and didn't want to leave. I would like to tell everyone that don't be scared of dogs as they can be really cute and nice just like Monty. I really enjoyed spending these 3 days with everyone. I really miss Monty, Gavin and Paul. This will be one of my favourite memories ever! By the way my top two favourite activities were cycling and campcrafting.😀😀❤️❤️❤️

jamel - loved it

Maryam yr6 eagle - Gorsefield was realy realy fun. The one thing that I would advise the next year 6 is that it might be muddy at first but you'll get used to it as on my first day I didn't like as much as I don't like mud but then the one thing I learnt was to try new things and so I then came to my senses as thought that mud is not that bad and it won't kill me so thats my advice.I MISS YOU SO MUCH MONTI,GAVIN AND PAUL. Oh yeah and the Food was EXCELLENT so credit to the lunch ladies to thanks for food

Zuhaib year 6 - I wish we could stay their for a long time but its sad that we had to leave. But I did love everything that we did such as archery, cycling, sheltering building and such more. This will be a memory I will never forget thanks to Gavin, Paul and Monti

Raisa year 2 - My brother went to Gorsefield with my teacher(Nillima) and my TA(Koolsuma) and I missed all three of them. I hope you guys had a good trip

Rehan year 6 eagles - I loved every thing and i will never forget anyone thanks to Gavin , Paul and Gavin dog Monti

samihaa yr 6 owls - Gorsefeild was soooooo fun but it’s sad we went for only 3 days i wanted to stay for a week and the food was MMMMMMM it was amazing I loved it and I miss Gavin, Paul and Monti 💖💖💖

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